ĀPA Rainwear

ĀPA was born out of necessity: After living in urban cities where it rains for much of the year, we discovered what was missing in today’s Fashion market: a modern coat that merges luxury with technology to protect us from the ever changing weather. Rainwear apparel had to be reinvented.

Everything – from materials to manufactures – is 100% made in Europe, brought to you by the best experts in tailoring and design along with cutting-edge performance technologies from extreme sports apparel such as skiing, surfing, and snow expeditions. We place major emphasis on green technologies and responsible manufacturing.

ĀPA on Kickstarter

APA coats are made with some of the most advanced – and most expensive – materials and technologies that Europe has to offer.
Selling APA coats through traditional retailers with the normal markup would require us to sell at a very high price. We wanted to democratise the technology and launch the coats at an affordable price.

To support the statement of High Fashion and Innovative Tech features of the coats, we had to make the campaign look visually qualitative and elegant. The financial goal was reached at 300%.

Promoting ĀPA

After exceeding 100% of Kickstarter funding goal in a few days, The ĀPA team is on tour around the world and invites its backers and followers to selected Pop Up Stores to try on APA coats, meet the team in person and learn how the world’s most advanced raincoat is created.
New York, Paris, San Fransisco, Brussels, Chicago, Amsterdam and Vancouver where among the cities where the coats travelled to.
Flyers, posters and prints were a mandatory addition for the brand's promotion, marketing, and social media growth during these exciting events

Discover the many shapes and variations of the APA's Branding. Since successfully funding its kickstarter campaign, the Brand developed its very own labels, packages, tags and much more... This first edition of the High-End rainwear apparel opens a great new chapter for High-Tech fashion.

The ĀPA Packaging

APA coats come in a soft, waterproof, re-usable Pouch. Wrapped and shipped, in its elegantly designed Navy Blue box: Find the APA touch inside the packaging, when removing the Pouch: you will discover a slick-designed "Thank You" note, lied on a bed of APA Fish patterns.

ĀPA Tags

Another well-thought way to present APA's unique product details: the APA Tags. From its nano-technology features to an insight on its European manufacturing, the APA branding is designed to highlight all the things that makes APA a high-end, fashionable and unique Rainwear.


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