Cucu Lemonade

The Briefing

“Tons of curvy cucumbers are thrown out every year because they are not "market-fit” - Our aim is to save this wasted produce and turn it into a healthy (no added sugar), delicious and well-branded Cucumber Lemonade.”

Market: Berlin
Keywords: Sustainable, Recycled, Fresh, Healthy, Trendy, Delicious.
Developed Flavours:
Cucumber + Lemon + Mint
Cucumber + Redbeet + Apple
Cucumber + Cabbage + Beets


Brand development, packaging design, and product promotion through a complete ad campaign.

The Curvy Cucumber Lemonade

The idea behind Cucu started after exploring fun ideas to characterise the product: Curvy cucumbers are imperfect but lovable products, and giving them a sense of humanity is an effective way to generate empathy in the consumer.

First came the idea of a “Limbo Lemo” - The Curvy Dancer. Did you spot it in the logo evolution gif above? Well, from this, the idea evolved around a C shaped Cucumber, giving birth to a curvy, illustrative typography: Cucu, which comes in lots of fun shapes and sizes:

The Bottle Labels

The Label exploration started with a composition of simple illustrative flavour shapes: The lemon, the mint and the curvy cucumber. And how they all work together in a fun, colourful, multi-layer styled illustration.

Flat labels

The Bottles

The strength of this concept lies in the detail at the back of the bottle: A negative curvy space revealing the content of the bottle.
This creative touch refers of course to the essence of the product itself: A lemonade made out of curvy cucumbers.

4 Pack Carrier

The 4pack has a very sober / simple design, revealing entirely the curvy cut in the bottle's label.
The choice of cardboard material was made to support the sustainable aspect of the brand: Recycled products, recycled materials.
From a top view, the 4 pack bottle caps cleverly form the square Cucu logo, an additional touch re-enforcing the brand identity.


Online / Offline

The colours, fun characters and diverse world around the product can be translated on the web into a playful and eye-catching look & feel. Discover the funky world of Cucu through these web screens and following advertising teasers:

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Social Media

Cucu is a visually appealing Brand that sells best through its image on Social Media.. Flavour characters can be displayed in unlimited creative ways to attract the consumer and the colours are sure to pop on screens and drag your attention.

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