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Jane Goodall Biography

Did you know Jane Goodall is a former debutante? This bookcover was designed to show another side to Jane Goodall 'and her chimps', reflecting her personality, her work

Design and the art of reduction

Design poster for a Vitra Design exhibition in Gent, Belgium.

Jean Legros

Personal project, poster created for the 80th birthday of Jean, my grandfather, party animal and wine lover.

The Shining

Choosing the book of our choice, we had to design a fresh and modern book cover. I chose The Shining, from Stephen King.


Create a poster of a Design object,  created by Alexia Normand in 2nd year.


Create a Design poster for Charlotte Normand's walking cane-chair, in 2nd year.


Choose a piece from Brussels Fine Arts Fair (BRAFA) and use it to create a promotional poster of the event.


Create a Design poster for an Aluminim jewellery created by Charlotte Normand.


Create a cover for a booklet created for the Emakina Communication Team who went to Lisbon in January 2015 for a memorable team builing


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