The Project

Choosing a random product, creating a new identity and communication strategy around it, has never been more fun that with Knots, a Bretzel brand I created in 2014 as the finish line of my study years in Brussels.

The idea was simple, create something fresh, fun, that any youngster would die for. All it took was a few degustation session of Brussels-made Bretzels to create Knots, and its 2 ranges : The salted, and the sweet Bretzels.

The Idea

Not too many people realise all the things you can do with Bretzels. Some are small, some are big, they can be dipped in all kind of sauces or covered in sweet ganache, you can play with its curious shape and eat it at any hour of the day. Which brought so much joy as to develop a packaging, a design and communication strategy around it.

The Development

Here you have it, Knots, a bretzel brand that makes people laugh, buy it for its fun packaging, quirky humour, delicious taste and touch of madness.

I obviously declined it on the internet, here is what the Knots’ website would probably look like : Foolish, tasty and fun.

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