Nimm2 is a German candy brand, very popular among children in Germany and Poland.
The brand belongs to the Storck group, which started in Berlin over 50 years ago, making it one of Germany's top confectionery manufacturers today, next to it's Bonn-based competiton: Haribo.

Appearing on the market for the first time in the 60's, nimm2 developed and grew its image over the years. A large variety of products were born, forming today 3 large categories: The classic nimm2 hard candy, the soft candy and the "Gummis".

2017 was the year for nimm2 to relaunch its brand new image online.

As the main designer on this project, I was given the responsibility of creating the new visual identity for its online platform:

The design was very much leaning towards a playful, colourful and fun direction.
Mainly the target (children and families with children), the product ranges / packagings (colourful, playful faces and textures) as well as the image of the brand itself were the reasons for these design choices.

As an example here, the products are all displayed in a colourful gradient background; the articles, content and detail pages where all decorated with playful elements.
The challenge surely originated in the amount of content to display and the poor material provided; on top of various technical constraints.


The Nimm2 Relaunch website was mainly created to provide the user with a fully responsive experience when browsing the website. All modules were designed for a comfortable user-journey on all devices.

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