The Sound Shaper

Behind The Sound Shaper Project a man. A passionate, talented man who, after finishing a degree in Sound Engineering, recently turned to a his passion for woodcraft to grow this unique project. Combining his love for wood and sound, The Sound Shaper was born: Beautifully Handmade Wooden Acoustic Panels.

Here's an introduction to the brand developed for these unique Pieces of Craftsmanship dedicated sound perfection in music studios, workspaces or homes in Berlin.

Logo evolution

The Website

 The Website, under development for the time being, is thought thus far as a window to The Sound Shaper products. They are divided in 3 categories: Acoustic Absorbers, Acoustic Diffusers & Custom Pieces.

In a possible future scenario, after the business has grown with more man-power, this platform might also host shop features or a price calculator for all custom, handmade pieces... Stay Tuned!

ALL Prototypes

Coming Soon...

Sneak peak into the project here!



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