…of course you can’t hire an actual brain, silly. All you get is me, Linn Legros. I’m a Brand Designer from Belgium, living in Berlin.

I spent my childhood between Cameroon and Madagascar. At 17, I moved to Belgium and majored in Communication Design in Brussels, marking the start of my designer journey between digital agencies in Europe for over 6 years.

When relocating to Berlin in 2016, I grew fonder of branding & design strategies, and finally decided to make it my business. Today, I commit to build, rebuild & uplift brands with strong emotional storytelling.

I’m passionate about all these exciting things:

  • Creative Strategy

    • Audience Personas
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Personality
    • Tone of Voice
  • Brand identity

    • Logos and marks
    • Brandbooks
    • Packagings
    • Implementations
  • Digital Design

    • Websites
    • User Interfaces
    • User Experiences
    • Digital illustrations

Brain Reviews


  • “We were extremely impressed by Linn’s expert professional skills, striking sense of aesthetics, strong personal style and her ability for visual storytelling.”

    Lea Potache Stein, founder at ĀPA Intemporal

  • “Linn is not just a designer, she has all of the skills you need for marketing, messaging and branding, ultimately translating to sales.”

    Eldad Eitan, 
Founder at Studio Matchbox

  • “Ms. Legros has convinced us with the extremely successful use of her outstanding expertise. In all situations, 
she responded extremely responsibly, purposefully 
and conscientiously, and has achieved excellent results.”

    Studio lead at denkwerk

  • “Her dedication is extremely impressive. I feel lucky to work with her because Linn strives for the best possible quality. It’s clear that she loves what she does.”

    Sebastian Plano, composer and producer at Universal Music Group.

Get this brain, match it to your vision.