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Transforming learning & teaching environments for all.

freiwerk B aspires to innovate e-learning scenarios to fit people's specific living environments. More concretely, they develop apps, web-based platforms, and software for individual teaching and learning. A lively group of people works daily on cutting-edge, modular tools hoping to make education not only more effective and accessible but also motivating and fun. The struggle they had mainly lied in their brand image, which expressed a distorted version of themselves, nonaligned to the true values of the company.



A dive into 20 years of digital creation

The B in 'freiwerk B' stands for Berlin. It's an important part of its core identity as the company started here as a passion project in the 2000s. Back then, Flash made moving images and sounds possible on the Internet! I have personally no recollection of those times, but surely a small team of curious explorers was stalking the digital possibilities it had opened. Another element was missing in their communication: relevance for a younger demographic. Schools, in particular, were identified as an essential target for freiwerk B.


Learning that takes place through electronic technologies.

The new logo was modeled around the special characters we type every day on our keyboards. This idea represents how education has evolved from pen and paper to include adaptable, digital alternatives.

These basic shapes beautifully iterate throughout our branding, creating a type, icons, decorations, and animated transition elements.



Embracing fun, friendly and colourful!

It was wonderful to collaborate with a team unafraid to pivot its image drastically, embracing colour and movement. The original brand colours were kept, revived and refreshed. The logo comes in different possible colour combinations, a friendly circular sans serif was chosen for the typeface, and further applications included print material, image guidelines and icon sets for the website relaunch.


The Lerncloud product family, a sub-brand of freiwerk B.

As a learning platform used for the administration and distribution of several distance learning products of freiwerk B, the Lerncloud needed its own logo. Quite simply, colours can be interchanged and used on light or dark backgrounds. The Lerncloud 'cloud' symbol can be used as an alternative to the logo. The Lerncloud grows organically as the company regularly launches new products and services.

New website for a refreshed digital presence

The next step in the redesign process was the freiwerk B website. Victoria took over at this stage of the project, redefining the user experience, interface design, and applying an entirely new content strategy to the pages. Stay tuned for Victoria's case study on how she did it.



Website UX and Design by Victoria Granget. Development by Gordan Ratkovic.

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