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Manufacturing electronic assemblies with passion.

Kämpfe Elektronik was founded back in 2001. It is known, among others, for its reliable made-in-Germany qualitative EMS manufactuing and carefully controlled processes. Its problem: the large competition on this market, all fishing for the biggest clients from the automotive, medicine and tech sectors. It was time for Kämpfe Elektonik to refresh its image and reposition its brand on this crowded market, in order to cut through the clutter.

Brand strategy

Market analysis and competition assessment.

The first step was essential for this traditional company: A brand new communication strategy aimed at finding Kämpfe Elektronik’s unique personality, emotional story and brand values. A Sprint exercise resulted in a clear vision for the execs, and a purposeful story for employees to identify to. A new story brings out the ‘authenticity at the core’ of this brand, powered from the inside by a team of passionate people, to serve as a loyal companion to its clients.



Playful symbols around Electronics

Exploration around electronic assemblies and components for the new mark of Kämpfe: Should its logo be a strong symbol supporting the brand’s authentic, team-focused story? A subtle typographic approach? Or both? The important point of focus was making a strong statement and differentiating the brand from its competitors through a personalised visual identity. The general thinking process went as follows:

Logo / Mark

Cutting through the clutter with vibrant colours...


Colours & Typefaces

…Colours that translate the right emotions.


Corporate Branding

A new, modern lease of life for Kämpfe Elektronik.

'Who does this speak to?' this question is vital to keep in the front of our thinking process when designing brand identities, to serve the client's marketing and sales objectives. Kämpfe needed to revitalize their image with dynamism, honesty and creativity, but still express professionalism, self-confidence and boldness to attract their desired client portfolios.


Friendly edges

For Kämpfe Elektronik to communicate core values across its visual identity, it was decided to bring the human-centered character of the company into subtle design choices throughout.

For the business cards, we opted for round card edges, simple tones and a modern but unpretentious typeface.


Website Credits

Website Design by Victoria Granget. Creative development by Jamie Hunter.

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