Brain pitched by Ostmost

Berlin’s new cucumber lemonade, for the love of imperfect fruits.

By launching a new cucumber-based lemonade, made exclusively out of cucumbers judged ‘too curvy’ for market standards, Berlin brand Ostmost took on the mission to save the unwanted fruit from a one-way trip to waste. A tender-hearted story, that will support our positioning.
Focusing on the product’s distinctive character - its curviness - Cucu strategically introduces this imperfection as an adorable quality. What's there not to love about a brand that is fun, cheerful and makes a positive impact?


Logo / Mark

Cucu, The Curvy Cucumber Lemonade


Colours & illustrations

4 wonderful flavours, all curvy cucumber based.



MOON is round, fat and playful as can be.


Bottle Labels

A combination of bright colours and pretty shapes.

It needed extravagance. A bottle that would call for attention between a crowd of already beautifully designed lemonades sitting on the supermarket shelves. By its wavy 'negative' etiquette, in addition to some flashy colour choices, the design hints the customer towards that 'special thing' about the product: a drink based on salvaged curvy fruits.


Fun brand, fun touches.

When a brand speaks of 'reclaiming' and 'no waste' it's only natural to introduce environmentally friendly forms to the packaging design.

One example applies to the carrier, a foldable carton board could carry any assortment of bottles, and reveal interesting details of our product's packaging, like the negative space in the label, and the playful bottle caps.


Corporate Branding

“We loved the playfulness and positivity in this idea, with an approach that made sense.”

J. Urban, Advertising


Spreading the word

Where does our target audience hang out?

A key elements when building a brand is of course our audience. Who we are talking to defines so many things: from our core message to our tone of voice, our visual choices, and of course, the means in which we reach our audience.
The client's target group was described as residents of Berlin (55% are younger than 45), leading the urban lifestyle yet concerned about the environment and the practices in the food industry. We discovered our audience mostly likes to hang out on Instagram as a social media, and picked a few key places in Berlin to display our print campaign. As part of the brief, short videos spots were to be created for the brand's social media and online content.



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