Brain hired by The Sound Shaper

Handmade sound treatment made entirely out of wood.

Behind The Sound Shaper project, there is Esteban. A young sound engineer working with wood as a hobby in a converted old Berlin bunker. When combining woodworking with the study of sound, unique projects emerge: The Sound Shaper offers handmade wooden acoustic panels that combine Esteban's ♥ for wood and impeccable sound: treat your home studio, decorate your office with style and function, or just step up your music-loving game with TSS.

A dynamic logo of unlimited possibilities.

The Sound Shaper mark illustrates many aspects of the concept behind the brand: Its grid-based geometry allows it to remodel into countless different constructions, the surface of a Skyline diffuser shaped by light and shadow, or the docility of its maker able to flexibly meet all rooms or clients demands.

Here, the mark in motion can also remind one of a 3D audio visualizer on a tempo.

Final Logo

A wood dimension added to our mark.


Colours & Typefaces

Monochrome identity constrasting with our raw material.



When it all fits organically...

There is more to the singularity of Sound Shaper than its story: the panels themselves are a unique product of beauty and function: As such, the common thread to our visual branding has been that relation between wood and sound: The idea of woodgrain turning into sound waves was used consistently throughout all visual elements, and if detected, you will also find them further down in our website screens, as a element of the background.


"The common thread to our visual branding has been the relation between wood and sound...”



Diffusers, absorbers and custom pieces.

The Sound Shaper needed an online vitrine, a place to tell its story, showcase products and how they work for different spaces. A professional portfolio, so to say, to reach potential customers. As new stock needs to be created, this website is not yet live. Discover snippets from the design hereunder, including hover menu and responsive product pages.

"Make small places sound bigger, enhancing aural perception in your space with an exquisite natural look.”

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Woodwork by Esteban Baraviera. Photography by Xiaofu Wang. Web development by Daniel Locatelli.

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