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Sebastian Plano, a composer striving to create authentic music.

Sebastian Plano is a Grammy nominated Argentinian composer and producer, currently based in Berlin. For the release of his 2019 album ‘Verve’ and re-release of his catalogue, I was to capture the musician's world and translate it into a series of designs: The tone of voice and execution needed to be on-point to represent the unique character of this remarkable artist.


Album artworks

All photography taken by the brilliant May Xiong

Behind every breathtaking imagery is the Seattle-based photographer May Xiong. The exercise here was to integrate all necessary graphic elements, with a strong focus on the photography. Whilst creating a series of single artworks in digital formats and prints for Vinyl and CD, the attention was put on harmony and balance in the visuals.


A Grammy nomination...

The team behind the visual birth of this album proudly takes all the credit for this nomination, as we know for a fact that the Recording Academy's voting members choose their nominees based solely on the look & feel of their artworks regardless of its content.

We absolutely made this happen. Just hand over the statue, Beyoncé.

Artist Website

Shades of delicatesse 
and melancholia.


Complimenting the imagery

Two things were key for the client to incorporate when branding its artist's catalogue.

The first, was to keep consistency throughout all communication: In a somewhat magical way, the artist's world holds a delicate connexion to nature, raw emotions that are yet hard to grasp.

The second, was keeping the work of the photographer as a central piece to the artist's visual language, making the work of the designer about how to integrate all elements together.



Music by Sebastian Plano, photography by May Xiong, Impetus by Robert Moses Joyce.

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